Theatrical releasesEdit

Feature filmsEdit

Release date Title Notes
January 4 Second Choice lost film
January 5 Lilies of the Field lost film
January 12 Sally all Technicolor; survives only in black and white; color fragments survive
January 19 Playing Around
January 25 General Crack part Technicolor; sound version lost; silent version survives
January 26 In the Next Room lost film
February 1 Wide Open
February 2 Loose Ankles
February 9 The Other Tomorrow lost film
February 15 She Couldn't Say No lost film
February 16 No, No, Nanette part Technicolor; lost film
March 1 Isle of Escape lost film
March 2 Strictly Modern lost film
March 8 The Green Goddess
March 9 Son of the Gods part Technicolor; survives only in black and white
March 15 Song of the West all Technicolor; lost film
On the Border
March 16 The Furies lost film
April 1 Under a Texas Moon all Technicolor; print at UCLA
April 6 Murder Will Out lost film
April 13 Spring Is Here
April 19 Those Who Dance
April 20 Showgirl in Hollywood part Technicolor; survives only in black and white
April 26 The Second Floor Mystery
May 1 Hold Everything all Technicolor; lost film
May 4 A Notorious Affair
May 5 The Man Hunter lost film
May 10 Dumbbells in Ermine lost film
May 11 The Flirting Widow
May 24 The Man from Blankley's lost film; only fragments survive
May 25 Song of the Flame all Technicolor; lost film
May 31 Mammy Technicolor sequences
June 1 Back Pay
June 7 Courage lost film
Rough Waters lost film
June 14 Golden Dawn all Technicolor; survives only in black and white
June 15 Sweethearts and Wives
June 22 Bride of the Regiment all Technicolor; lost film
July 6 Sweet Mama
July 8 Recaptured Love
July 20 Road to Paradise
August 9 Sweet Kitty Bellairs all Technicolor; survives only in black and white
July 19 Dancing Sweeties
July 26 Three Faces East
August 2 The Matrimonial Bed
August 6 Numbered Men
August 10 The Dawn Patrol
August 16 Oh Sailor Behave
August 23 The Office Wife
August 24 Top Speed
September 6 Big Boy
September 7 The Way of All Men lost film
September 13 Moby Dick
September 15 The Bad Man unpreserved nitrate print at UCLA; in danger of being lost
September 21 Bright Lights all Technicolor; survives only in black and white; color fragments at LOC
September 27 Old English
September 28 Scarlet Pages
October 4 Maybe It's Love
October 5 College Lovers lost film
October 11 Sinner's Holiday
October 12 The Girl of the Golden West lost film
October 18 The Doorway to Hell
October 19 The Truth About Youth
October 25 The Life of the Party all Technicolor; survives only in black and white
November 1 A Soldier's Plaything
River's End
November 2 The Gorilla lost film
November 9 Sunny
November 23 The Widow from Chicago
November 29 Outward Bound
November 30 One Night at Susie's
December 6 Man to Man
December 7 Mothers Cry
December 13 Divorce Among Friends
December 14 The Lash
December 21 Going Wild
December 27 Captain Thunder



  • April 19 - Starts the Looney Tunes cartoon shorts.






Character debutsEdit

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