Annie Hughes Full Body
Annie Hughes
Background information
Feature films The Iron Giant
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jennifer Aniston
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Annie Hughes
Other names Mom
Mrs. Hughes
Personality Hard-working, devoted, intelligent, loving, protective, caring, easy-going, sophisticated
Appearance Slender, curvy, auburn hair, light skin, rosy cheeks, pink lips, dark green eyes, (work wear) pink waitress outfit, (morning wear) teal short-sleeved shirt, black skirt, black shoes (evening wear), blue turtleneck, purple apron, black pants, dark blue shoes
Occupation Waitress at the Chat n' Chew Diner
Alignment Good
Affiliations Chat n' Chew Diner
Nationality American
Home Rockwell
Relatives Mr. Hughes (husband; deceased), Dean McCoppin (love interest; later new husband), Hogarth Hughes (son)
Allies The Iron Giant, Hogarth Hughes, Dean McCoppin, Mr. Hughes (deceased)
Enemies Kent Mansley (present)
Likes Working diner, being with Dean like date, her son Hogarth
Dislikes Kent Mansley being mean and lying, Hogarth in danger.
Powers and abilities

Annie Hughes is quadragonist of the 1999 animated science fiction film The Iron Giant, voiced by Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jennifer Aniston. She is the hard working, sophisticated, and widowed mother of Hogarth Hughes, with whom because of this she is protective of as much as possible. She begins a romantic relationship with Dean McCoppin and is possibly married to him at the end of the film.

Official Warner Bros. Website Bio

Hogarth's mother works hard as a waitress in the local diner. As a single mom, she's cautious with a trusting nature and strong moral fiber. She is Hogarth's friend as well as family and is always trying to keep up with her adventurous son's next move.




Role in the film



  • "Hogarth, we've been through this before. No pets."
  • "Hogarth, we've got to rent a room this year if we're gonna make ends meet, and no one wants to live in a place with shredded upholstery."
  • "...until you feel sorry for him and set him free... in the house. You remember the raccoon, Hogarth? [Shudders] I remember the raccoon."
  • "Don't you ever do that to me again, Hogarth. I was so scared. I thought I lost you."
  • "Would you say grace, please?"
  • "That was, hmm... really unusual, Hogarth."
  • "Isn't it wonderful, Hogarth? We finally rented our room."
  • "For some reason the army is in our front yard, Mr. Mansley."
  • "I see why Hogarth sneaks out here."
  • "No! No! Stop! My son is out there!"
  • "Shouldn't we get to a shelter?"
  • "Your best work yet, honey. No doubt about it."



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