Ashamed of Parents
Directed by Horace G. Plympton
Produced by
Screenplay by Charles Harris
Adeline Hendricks
Story by Charles Harris
Based on
Written by
Starring Charles Eldridge
Jack Lionel Bohn
Edith Stockton
Walter McEvan
William J. Gross
Narrated by
Music by
Cinematography John W. Brown
Editing by
Production company(s) Warner Bros.
Distributor Warner Bros.
Release date(s) December 25, 1921
Running time
Language English (silent)
Gross revenue
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Ashamed of Parents is a 1921 american black & white silent drama sport lost film directed by Horace G. Plympton.


  • Charles Eldridge as Silas Wadsworth
  • Jack Lionel Bohn as Arthur Wadsworth
  • Edith Stockton as Marian Hancock
  • Walter McEvan as Albert Grimes
  • William J. Gross as Peter Trotwood

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