Bunnicula is an American animated televison series from Warner Bros. Animation developed by Jessica Borutski
, produce by Borutski and Maxwell Atoms, and distributed by Warner Bros. Television. It premiered on Cartoon Network on Janaury 3, 2013 and which next premiered in Boomerang on the same day. It is loosely based on the children's book series by James Howe and Deborah Howe. the show is a dark comedy about a vampire rabbit named Bunnicula who likes carrot juice instead of blood to strengthen up his super abilities in new paranormal adventures.

New episodes aired same-day on Cartoon Network and Boomerang. On March 23, 2013. Bunnicula returned after a year-long hiatus when five new episodes aired unannounced on Boomerang in a graveyard slot. Eventually, the series was picked up for a fouth and fifth season.


  • Bunnicula (voiced by Chris Kattan): The titular character of the show, Bunnicula is a vampire rabbit, and was once the pet of Count Dracula He is very different from the original version of the character who appears in the books. As it was said by Chester, Bunnicula was found in a locked chamber in the celler of the apartment complex that Mina, Harold, and Chester now live in. Also, he is shown to have a few vampire traits such as hiding from sunlight, sleeping in a casket, flying with bat wings, and draining juice from vegetables with his fangs. It has been seen that he cannot talk except for a few words (although Harold seems to understand him just fine). He cares for Mina a great deal but tends to cause mischief that yields supernatural consequences. Bunnicula sucks juices from vegetables (just like in the book) but different kinds of vegetables cause some kind of reaction in Bunnicula (sugar beets make him hyperactive and speedy, squashes enlarge enlarge his feet, onions make him cry powerful jet streams of tears garlic turns him into a skeleton bunny, ghost pepper make him fire brearth fire, rutabagas give him telekinesis, turnips turns the house upside-down, wasabi makes him spontaneously combust, leeks give him spider-legs, eggplant  turn him into a huge and hideous three-eyed monster rabbit, etc). In the books, it was unclear whether or not Bunnicula had vampiric powers although he was somehow able to get in and out of his cage without opening the door. Unlike his Ruby-Spears incarnation, Bunnicula's ears turn into bat wings to fly. He also speaks very limited English on rare occasion.
  • Chester (voiced by Sean Astin): Mina's pet Siamese cat. He is often exasperated with Bunnicula and terrified of the monsters and supernatural phenomena that happens around him and his friends. Deep down, Chester is jealous of Bunnicula. In the books, Chester is an eccentric Orange tabby whose wild suspicions of occult phenomena constantly exasperate Harold.
  • Harold (voiced by Brain Kimment): Mina's pet dog. He loves his friends Chester and Bunnicula, and their owner, Mina, but isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and appears to be a short-haired, brown mutt. In the books, Harold is a ponderous, thoughtful character, forced to put up with the eccentricities of Chester and the new rabbit. In the books Harold is intelligent and he resembles an Old English Dog, though he claims to have Russian Wolf Hound in him as well.
  • Mina (voiced by Kari Wahlgren): Harold, Chester, and Bunnicula's 14 year old owner who just moved to New Orleans from Middle America with her father. It was seen in the opening that she was the one who freed Bunnicula from his prison in the cellar with a key that was given to her by her Aunt Marie. Aunt Marie left an apartment to Mina and her father. Mina's mother is never seen or mentioned.
  • Fluffy (voiced by Sumalee Montano): A Doberman Pinscher who is a vampire hunter that wants to kill Bunnicula at any cost.
  • Mina's Dad (voiced by Chris Kattan): Mina's father who moves with his daughter to New Orleans, Louisiana from Middle America after inheriting an apartment from Aunt Marie. He appears to be mentally unstable, as in “My Imaginary Fiend” he is seen talking to air, and in “Family Portrait” he throws a princess-themed 13th birthday party for Mina. His wife isn't seen or mentioned in the series.
  • Marsha (voiced by Monie Mon): Mina’s cautious and shy best friend, who serves as a foil to the outgoing Mina. Marsha is extremely unlucky, and often only human to notice supernatural activity.
  • Becky (voiced by Kate Higgins): Mina’s other friend. Becky is very monotone and sarcastic, acting like the stereotypical teenage girl.
  • Madame Polodouir (voiced by Grey Griffin): The owner of a shop containing many supernatural objects. Madame Polodouri often has dangerous items on display, though her knowledge of them depends; in “Walking Fish” she refuses to sell a harmonica that revives all the dead fish in New Orleans as zombies, yet unknowingly sells the Haunted Portrait of Miserio to Mina’s Dad in “Family Portrait”.

Voice CastEdit

  • Chris Katten - Bunnicula, Man Brushing Teeth, Mina's Dad
  • Brain Kimment - Harold, 20's Male Gangster, Dracula, Gamer 2, Male Cat 2, Male TV Actor, Man in Dining Room, Officer Bacon, Plant, Raccoon 1, Zombie Vegetable, Hideous Thing
  • Sean Astin - Chester, Caged Bird, Garlic Man, Nutty Pete, Officer Ham
  • Kari Wahlgren - Mina, 20's Female Gangster, Bunnicula's Bride, Cool Cat, Customer, Duck 1, Female Cat 1, Female Cat 2, Female Cat 3, Lady in Flashback, Female TV Actor, Elvira
  • Eric Bauza - Gamer 1, Gamer 3, Patches
  • Suzanna Blakeslee - Renee Accoutrement
  • Yvette Nicole Brown - Ms. Varney
  • Luenell - Ted's Wife
  • Grey DeLisle-Griffin - Lady on TV, Madame Polodouri
  • Brad Grusnick - Cockroach, Mumkey, Spiderlamb, Evil 80's Mouse
  • Kate Higgins - Becky, Granny, Barbara
  • Richard Steven Horvitz - Lugosi, Unworthy Male Mage Cat
  • Lara Jill Miller - 'Lil Capone
  • Monie Mon - Marsha
  • Sumalee Montano - Fluffy
  • Daran Norris - Hole of the Unworthy
  • Jim Pirri - Grimbyte
  • Stephen Stanton - Knight Owl
  • Audrey Wasilewski - Cassandra
  • Ben Diskin - Russell
  • Tom Kenny - Jason Voorhees, Mr. Molesbee
  • Scoot Menville - Count Cavanda, Hamburger Cheese, Scott Dingleman, Miserio, Orb Monster, Macaroni Art
  • Bob Bergen - Woody
  • Greg Eagles - Rusty Bones
  • Nicole Parker - Siobhan
  • Brain T. Delaney - Randill
  • Dave Wittenberg - Ghost Pepper
  • Carlos Alazraqui - Gunther, Edward Scissorhands
  • Jimmy Pardo - Lars Bogota
  • Harland Williams - Thomas Edison, Alien #1
  • Tom Green - Cubhead, Alien #2
  • Steve Blum - Mughead


Season 1 (2016-present)Edit

  1. Mumkey Bunnies / Walking Fish
  2. Spiderlamp / Alligator Tears
  3. Muddy Harry / Garlicked
  4. Whooo Is... The Knight Owl / Squeaky Doom
  5. Son of Bunnicula / Evil Cat Videos
  6. Chester's Shop of Horrors / Crused of the Weredude
  7. Bride of Bunnicla / Nevermore
  8. Vampire Rabbit Season / Hole of the Unworthy
  9. Adopt a Vampire / Hanuted Dog House
  10. Lucky Vampire's Foot / Ghost Chef
  11. Catula / Dreamcatchers
  12. Ghost Peppers / Dating for Dummies
  13. Sunday Bunday / Scaraoke
  14. Bearshee / Bware the Apartment 13
  15. Puzzle Madness / Return of the Crused of the Weredude
  16. Coller Me Crazy / Calender Boys
  17. Brussle Boy / Vampire Tick
  18. Chestroldcula / Never Been Scared
  19. Family Portait / My Imaginary Friend
  20. Juicy Problem / The Uninvited

Season 2 (2017-present)Edit

  1. The Invisble Yam / Indistinguishable from Magic
  2. Prank for Memories / Revenge of the Return of the Cruse of the Weredude
  3. Secret Service / The Eyes Have It
  4. Bunnicula on a Plane / Down the Rabbit Hole
  5. Chips and Salsa / Harold the Vampire Pointer


In Canada, the series started on Teletoon on April 2, 2016 and on YTV on May 9, 2016. The series premiered on Boomerang May 2, 2016, in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The series premiered on Boomerang July 18, 2016, in Australia and New Zealand.

Home MediaEdit

"Night of the Vegetable", a 2-disc DVD set featuring the first 20 episodes of first season, was released on June 27, 2017.

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