Cats A-weigh Title Card
Title Card
Cats A-Weigh!
Alternate/Working Title:
Series: Merrie Melodies
Rings/Iris Center Colors:
Production No.: 1271
Reel No.:
Blue Ribbon No.:
Starring Sylvester, Sylvester Junior and Hippety Hopper
Excerpted In: Freudy Cat (short)
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Uncredited Supervision
Uncredited Direction:
Directed by Robert McKimson
Uncredited Director
Written and Directed by
Uncredited Writer and Director
Uncredited Co-Director
Produced by
Uncredited Producer
Executive Producer
Uncredited Executive Producer
Produced and Directed by
Uncredited Producer and Director
Written, Produced and Directed by
Uncredited Writer, Producer and Director
Screenplay by
Uncredited Screenplay by
Story Tedd Pierce
Uncredited Story
Based on
Written by
Uncredited Writer
Edited by
Uncredited Editors
Supervising Animators
Uncredited Supervising Animators
Animation Phil DeLara
Charles McKimson
Herman Cohen
Rod Scribner
Uncredited Animators
Assistant Animation
Uncredited Assistant Animation
Camera operator
Uncredited Camera operator
Uncredited Designs
Character Designs
Uncredited Character Designs
Layouts and Designs
Uncredited Layouts and Designs
Layouts Robert Givens
Uncredited Layouts
Layout Assisstants
Uncredited Layout Assisstants
Backgrounds Richard H. Thomas
Uncredited Backgrounds
Layouts and Backgrounds
Uncredited Layouts and Backgrounds
Backgrounds and Layouts
Uncredited Backgrounds and Layouts
Effects Animation
Uncredited Effects Animator
Sound effects
Uncredited Sound effects
Film Editor
Uncredited Film Editor Treg Brown
Voice Characterizations Mel Blanc
Uncredited Voice Characterizations
Vocal Effects
Uncredited Vocal Effects
Uncredited Narrator
Uncredited Music
Musical Direction Carl Stalling
Uncredited Musical Director
Musical Score
Uncredited Musical Score
Piano Soloist
Uncredited Piano Soloist
Musical Lyrics for
Uncredited Orchestration
MPAA No.: 15854
Uncredited Cinematography
Production company(s)
Release date(s): November 28, 1953
Blue Ribbon Re-Release date(s):
Running time
Color process
Preceded by Of Rice and Hen
Followed by Robot Rabbit
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Cats A-weigh! is a 1953 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Robert McKimson. It stars Sylvester, Sylvester Junior, and Hippety Hopper.


The title is a play on the phrases "castaway" and "Anchors Aweigh," alluding to the nautical theme.


Sylvester brings his son to the wharf to scavenge for fish heads. Junior laments the fact they have to scrounge for food and wishes they had a real home. When they see a ship advertising for a mouser, Junior urges his dad to apply. Sylvester doesn't want to work, but agrees to take the job when Junior says he'll help.

Sylvester lounges aboard ship while his son chases the mice. When Junior bemoans the iniquity, Sylvester says Junior is a little cat so he should handle all the little mice, and that he himself is a big cat so he'll take care of any big mice that come along. Soon Junior chases a little mouse into a crate in the cargo hold. He opens the crate to get the mouse, but out hops Hippety Hopper, a baby kangaroo. The cats think it's a giant mouse, so Sylvester tries to hold up his end of the bargain, but Hippety pummels him.

Sylvester now strikes a new bargain. Since there are a whole bunch of little mice, he should take care of them, and Junior can take care of the big one. Junior agrees halfheartedly and soon encounters Hippety again. He notices that Hippety imitates his actions, so he starts dancing and leads the kangaroo back into its cage. He proudly shows it to his father, who again tries to uphold his end of the bargain. Sylvester chases a little mouse around the hold until it scurries into a crate of Super Muscle-Building Vitamins...


The version of this cartoon shown on CBS cut the part where Sylvester chases a mouse into a crate of Super-Muscle Building Vitamins and the mouse ingests them and becomes super strong, making the ending where Sylvester gets pummeled by the mouse inexplicable.[1]


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