Cinemax (Yellow)
Launched August 1, 1980
Owned by Home Box Office, Inc.
(Division of Time Warner)
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
(HD feeds downgraded to letterboxed 480i for SDTV sets)
Slogan Max. In Movies.
Country United States
Language English
Spanish (Cinemáx only and via SAP audio track on primary Cinemax channel and all other multiplex channels; some films may be broadcast in their native language and subtitled into English)
Broadcast area Nationwide
Headquarters New York City, New York
Sister channel(s) HBO
Timeshift service Cinemax East,
Cinemax West,
MoreMax East,
MoreMax West,
ActionMax East,
ActionMax West,
ThrillerMax East,
ThrillerMax West,
MovieMax East,
MovieMax West,
Cinemáx East,
Cinemáx West,
5StarMax East,
5StarMax West,
OuterMax East,
OuterMax West
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DirecTV 515 Cinemax (east; SD/HD)
516 Cinemax (west; SD/HD)
517 MoreMax (SD/HD)
519 ActionMax (HD)
520 5StarMax (HD)
521 MovieMax (HD)
522 ThrillerMax (HD)
523 Cinemáx (HD)
1515 Cinemax On Demand
Dish Network 310 Cinemax (east; SD/HD)
311 Cinemax (west; SD/HD)
312 MoreMax (SD)
313 ActionMax (SD/HD)
314 5StarMax (SD/HD)
315 Cinemáx (SD)
Available on all U.S. cable systems Consult your local cable provider or program listings source for channel availability
Verizon FIOS 420 Cinemax (east)
421 Cinemax (west)
422 MoreMax (east)
423 MoreMax (west)
424 ActionMax (east)
425 ActionMax (west)
426 ThrillerMax (east)
427 ThrillerMax (west)
428 MovieMax
429 Cinemáx
430 5StarMax
431 OuterMax
(HD available)
AT&T U-verse 832–846 (SD)
1832–1846 (HD)
Internet television
Max Go Script error
(U.S. cable internet subscribers only; requires login from pay television provider to access content)
Sling TV Internet Protocol television

Cinemax (stylized as "CINEMAX" and sometimes abbreviated as "Max") is an American premium cable and satellite television network that is owned by the Home Box Office Inc. operating subsidiary of Time Warner. Cinemax primarily broadcasts theatrically released feature films, along with original series, softcore pornographic series and films, documentaries and special behind-the-scenes features.

As of July 2015, Cinemax's programming is available to approximately 21.325 million television households (18.3% of cable, satellite and telco customers) in the United States (20.785 million subscribers or 17.9% of all households with pay television service receive at least Cinemax's primary channel).

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