Curious pictures
Curious Pictures
General information
Other Names
Type Public
Founded 1978 (as Stowmar Enterprises)
Defunct 2014
Predecessor Stowmar Enterprises
Location Washington, D.C. (1981–1985)
San Francisco, California (1996–2000)
New York, New York (1985–2014)
Los Angeles, CA (2008–2014)
Key People Jan Korbelin, Managing Partner
Marina Grasic, Managing Partner
Camille Geier, SVP/Head of Studio
Vadim Turchin, VFX/CG Supervisor
Industry Television, film, commercials, animation, digital, video games and VFX
Served area
No. of Employees 60
Parent Harmony Pictures (1994–1999)
Intelefim (1999–2002)

Curious Pictures (rendered curious?ictures) was an American animation studio and multi-media company set in New York City and Los Angeles that created and produced television programs, commercials, animation and video games.

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