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King Arthur
Background information
Feature films
Short films Knighty Knight Bugs
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Mel Blanc
Performance model
Inspiration King Arthur
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Arthur Pendragon
Other names
Personality Kind, Honest, Honorable, Important, Serious
Appearance Slender, fair skin, white hair and mustache, gold crown, red shirt with a gold outline of the inverted triangle, purple pants and shoes.
Occupation The True King of Camelot, Head of the round table.
Alignment Good
Nationality Arthurian
Home England, Camelot
Allies Bugs Bunny
Minions His knights
Enemies The Black Knight
Powers and abilities
Weapons Singing Sword
Fate He dismisses Bugs Bunny to retrieve the singing sword.
Quote "Unless you bring back the singing sword, you will be put to the rack, burnt at the stake, and beheaded"

King Arthur Pendragon is one of Britain's most famous kings. This version of him is featured in the animated short Knighty Knight Bugs. He is voiced by Mel Blanc.


King Arthur is serious and important ruler of Camelot. He does not appreciate his knights' cowardliness or Bugs Bunny annoying him. Arthur can take remarks seriously from any jesters, and makes them do tasks that they must succeed.

Physical Appearance

Arthur has fair skin, white hair and mustache, gold crown, red shirt with a gold outline of the inverted triangle, purple pants and shoes.


Looney Tunes

Snapshot 2 (22-03-2015 17-28)

King Arthur in Knighty Knight Bugs.

At the beginning of the short Knighty Knight Bugs, King Arthur discusses with the knights of how his Singing Sword was stolen by the Black Knight (Yosemite Sam). When the knights refuse to go out to retrieve it, due to their fear of the Black Knight and his dragon, Arthur becomes angry at their cowardice, thinking that they are chicken and only dismayed when he sees chicken feathers. Bugs Bunny, the court jester, dances in and remarks that only a fool would go after it. Arthur improves the idea and forces Bugs to go after the sword or else he will be executed (put to the rack, burnt at the stake and beheaded). Bugs then laughs it off but starts crying after realizing that Arthur is serious. Arthur isn't seen again for the rest of the cartoon after this scene.


His knights

Arthur relies on his knights, but he becomes unhappy when they chicken out of going on a quest to rescue his Singing Sword.

Bugs Bunny

Arthur can sometimes find him annoying, but he is grateful to send Bugs on his task to retrieve the Singing Sword from the Black Knight. Failure to do so< and the King will have Bugs put to the rack, burnt at the stake, and beheaded.


  • [agreeing with Bugs Bunny's remark] A very good idea, fool. Unless you bring back the Singing Sword, you will be put to the rack, burnt at the stack, and, beheaded!


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