Léon Rom is the main antagonist in the 2016 reboot film The Legend Of Tarzan. He is a faithful servant of the King Leopold and he wants to capture Tarzan for a reward in diamonds and take the power in the region.

He is portrayed by Christoph Waltz, who usually plays a villain.  





Role in the film

Leon Rom is sent by King Leopold to the Kongo for an expedition, during the trip he meets tribesmen chief Mbonga which his men killed, later his army is ambushed and murdered, Leon Rom survives and the chief Mbonga decides to make a deal in which if captures Tarzan, receives a payment of diamonds, Leon Rom accepts the deal and start your search, then he makes a deal to pay with diamonds in exchange for an army to enslave the Kongo and take control Altogether, Rom during their search fails to find the tribe in which this Jane, in this the leader of the tribe resists arodillarse to Leon and is killed, Tarzan sees this and is filled with anger, hitting several of his soldiers but this is captured by soldiers during the first leg with Tarzan Jane is taken hostage and also captured, George Williams appears and starts attacking soldiers Rom along with the warriors of the tribe, Rom starts to run away with Tarzan but later this breaks free and Rom escapes with Jane, Tarzan decides to start the search by Leon Rom, for it learns that Leon Rom is to blame for the deaths of many people in the Kongo and the enslavement of this to create a railway on which transported one army to enslave the Kongo, then Jane finds a way to escape the ship that had kidnapped , but but later it is found by Rom , Rom and his soldiers fired several gorillas that were in the area causing the wrath of Tarzan and gorillas , then Rom reaches escape with the help of the head Mbonga and gets its diamonds escaping with them, then the Rom port with Jane and his men are prepared to meet the army and give payment in diamonds but Tarzan comes with a herd of buffalo and destroys the area, Rom escapes with Jane and his soldiers into a boat, Tarzan saves Jane but must end Leon Rom, Rom on the boat begins to escape but George mows the boat with a machine gun, Tarzan up to the boat for Rom but this one takes the neck with her necklace, Tarzan calls about alligators and after a struggle, Tarzan pushes Leon Rom to crocodiles and this is finally devoured, and his Steamboat explodes with Leon Rom and the crocodiles while Tarzan survives.


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