Mayor Phlemming
Mayor Phlegmming
Background information
Feature films Osmosis Jones
Short films
Television programs
Video games
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice William Shatner
Performance model
Inspiration Mayor Larry Vaughn from the Jaws films
Kron from Dinosaur
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Self-centered, selfish, stubborn, ignorant, arrogant, strict, argumentative, bad-tempered, dense, cold-hearted, unreasonable, harsh, gruff, bureaucratic, manipulative, greedy, materialistic, uncaring, pitiless, corrupt, reckless, irresponsible
Occupation Mayor of the City of Frank (formerly)
Alignment Neutral
Goal To maintain order in the City of Frank
Allies Osmosis Jones (formerly), Drix (formerly), Leah Estrogen (formerly),
Minions Leah Estrogen (formerly)
Enemies Thrax, Osmosis Jones, Drix, Leah Estrogen, Tom Chlonic
Likes Keeping things in order, power, being mayor
Dislikes Disobedience, the thought of losing the election, Tom Chlonic
Powers and abilities
Fate Gets demoted to a janitor and accidentally ejects himself

Mayor Phlegmming is the self centered mayor of the city of Frank. He is a supporting character of the film Osmosis Jones.


Mayor Phlegmming is short and overweight. He wears a blue business suit, white shirt, black tie and black shoes.


Phlegmming is corrupt, reckless, irresponsible and his policies are largely responsible for Frank's deteriorating health.

Role in the film

He is first seen walking among with the concerned reporters asking him questions about the body and he completely ignores them claiming that the body is in perfect shape and then he goes into his office.

When Leah shows him the Tom Chlonic's campaign ad he is annoyed. When Leah asks him why was he behind in the polls and he replies that he has a plan to flush Tom Chlonic down the toilet. When Frank chokes on the chicken and he sees the map of Frank. Leah tells him to turn on optical feed as Frank's concerned daughter Shane checks his throat and she realized that it's red then she make's a doctor's appointment for her father. A shocked Phlemming claims that the body is not getting sick and he has far too much planned then he uses the voice manual control. Leah tries to tell him that is only for emergencies and he ignores her as he instructs Frank to take a cold pill. He tells Leah to get the chief on the phone as he walks away. He is next seen making a speech to the citizens of Frank. He mocks Tom Chlonic's advice about healthy habits, he also announces a dream vacation to Buffalo, New York. After the speech he rudely refers to Johnny in the wheelchair a little twerp and he gets a picture of him and Johnny, then he quickly kicks him away. He congratulated Osmosis and Drix. Then Osmosis tells him about the virus but he's too focused with his re-election and doesn't believe him. He looks on as Osmosis and Drix argue about the virus. He threatens Osmosis to keep those suspicions to himself or else. Then Phlegmming offers Drix another officer but Drix turns it down and decides to stay with Osmosis and he tells him to suit himself and turns away in his chair.

He says to Leah about Shane thinking she'd be excited about the trip to Buffalo, New York. After Drix and Osmosis destroy the zit, Phlegmming angrily confronts them about it. As a result he fires Osmosis and he orders Drix to leave the body. During the meeting Phlegmming says Frank will be up and ready for the trip. When the body starts to get worse because of Thrax. Phlegmming completely ignores the map, Leah realizes that Osmosis is right but he laughs it off. He is told off by Leah and she left his office. Phlegmming attempts to make Frank say that he feels fine as Frank's concerned brother Bob realizes that Frank is getting worse. He cancels the trip and decides to take him to the hospital much to Phlemming's dismay. As Frank's city burns, Phlegmming looks on realizing what he has done. He is last seen that he lost his position as mayor, he is reduced to a custodian cleaning the bowels, and he feels curious about the "Do Not Touch" button, which he presses, accidentally ejecting himself.



  • [Threatening Osmosis Jones] "Listen from now on keep those opinions in that mushy little head of yours, or you're gonna find in our next nosebleed. Understood?"
  • [Berating Osmosis Jones and Drix] "Disregarding orders, destruction of public flesh, popping a pimple without a permit! What the heck were you doing up there!?"
  • [Last lines before ejecting himself] "Hmm, I wonder what this does."



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