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Voice Paul Frees
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Character information
Full name Meowrice Percy Beaucoup
Other names
Personality Unscrupulous, sleazy, deceiving, greedy, gentleman-like
Appearance Tuxedo cat with handlebar mustache-like whiskers and ears that become Devil horns during "The Money Cat" number
Occupation con-cat, mail-order bride smuggler, servant to Mr. Henry Phtt.
Alignment Bad
Nationality French
Goal To send Mewsette to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to marry Mr. Henry Phht (failed)
Home France
Allies Mme. Rubens-Chatte, Mewsette (formerly)
Minions His minions
Enemies Mewsette, Jaune Tom, Robespierre
Likes Paris' art and culture, canned sardines, money, Mewsette's naivety, finding suitors for Mr. Henry Phtt.
Dislikes Mewsette escaping his clutches, his servants fouling up and their stupidity, being attacked by a bulldog and later Jaune-Tom and Robespierre
Powers and abilities
Weapons His claws
Fate Is defeated and then sent packing to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a mail-order bride by Jaune-Tom
Quote "If you ever decide to marry, boys, marry for love... of money.”

Meowrice is the main antagonist of the animated Chuck Jones film, Gay Purr-ee. He is a French Tuxedo cat who lives in Paris, and makes a living in shady dealings, many of which involve selling his unwitting victims into some form of slavery. He is assisted by four black alley-cats who act as his spies and muscle.

He was voiced by the late Paul Frees.


Official Description



He was voice the late actor Paul Frees.



Meowrice is devious, shrewd, sly and willing to hurt others for his own personal gain.

Physical appearance

Meowrice is a slim Tuxedo cat with yellow eyes and has a bow tie on his neck.

Powers and abilities

Role in the film

When the young country cat, Mewsette, arrives in Paris hoping to make her fortune, she is instantly spotted by Meowrice. He takes advantage of the young cat's naivety and brings her to his "sister" Madame Rubens-Chatte, promising to train her to high society. In reality, however, he schemes to have Mewsette shipped to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a mail-order bride for a wealthy American cat. When Mewsette's boyfriend Jaune Tom arrives in Paris looking for her, Meowrice watches him capture a mouse. Impressed by his mousing ability, Meowrice invites Jaune-Tom and his friend Robespierre to a nightclub. After getting them drunk, he sells them as mousers to a ship going to Alaska. Unexpectedly, the two strike gold there and return to Paris.

Eventually, when Mewsette learns of Meowrice's true intention, she tries to escape. Jaune Tom almost misses him as he escapes by train with Mewsette captured. However, by picturing Meowrice as a mouse, Jaune Tom is able to summon enough strength to catch up and defeat him. As a final humiliation, Juane Tom packs him into the crate being sent to America.

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