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Mrs. Daffy Duck
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Feature films
Short films Wise Quacks
The Henpecked Duck
The Stupid Cupid
His Bitter Half
Stork Naked
Quackodile Tears
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Voice Robert Clampett
Sara Berner
Martha Wentworth
Mel Blanc
June Foray
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Inspiration Daffy Duck's forms
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Other names Daffy Duck's wife
Daphne Duck
Honeybunch Duck
Alignment Neutral
Nationality American
Relatives Daffy Duck
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Mrs. Daffy Duck appeared in a number of Looney Tunes cartoons.

Daffy Duck has often been depicted as married, but his wife is seldom called anything but Mrs. Daffy Duck. Each appearance of a wife is quite different from the others and there is no evidence that any of these are the same character.




Wise Quacks

This Mrs. Daffy is not given a name, and most of her mumbled quacks are unintelligible. She hatches a brood of ducklings, and she and Daffy must later protect them from a group of eagles. She is not an overbearing wife, but she does in two instances threaten Daffy with a rolling pin because he is drunk. The first time she does crack him on the head with it, but the second time she uses it to break his jug instead.

The Henpecked Duck

This Mrs. Daffy is not given a name either, but her lines and repeated cries of "I want a divorce!" are clearly voiced by Sara Berner. She takes Daffy to divorce court because he lost their egg, though he later finds it and they reconcile. She is overbearing, ordering him to watch the egg when she went out, and beating him with an umbrella in the courtroom.

The Stupid Cupid

This Mrs. Daffy has no name and no lines. She married Daffy in a shotgun wedding after he was struck by cupid's arrow last year and had several children by him, including a pair of Siamese twin ducklings. We don't know much about her personalty, though she was snarling and holding Daffy up by the neck in their wedding photo. She also looks quite stern later in the car, hence hinting her personality to be quite domineering and overbearing.

His Bitter Half

This Mrs. Daffy still has no name, but she is voiced by Martha Wentworth. Daffy married her for her money, but soon left her abusive ways. She turned domineering immediately after she carried him across the threshhold. Though we do see her wipe his mouth right off his face, most of her violence occurs offscreen, including plucking every feather off his scrawny carcass. She even has a bratty son named Wentworth.

Stork Naked

This Mrs. Daffy is called Daphne and is voiced by Mel Blanc. She is expecting another visit from the stork, which Daffy is desperate to prevent. She only appears in one scene, but unlike other cartoons featuring her, there is no hint of overbearing or violent tendencies in her character. She is pleasant and demure as she knits a tiny sweater.

Quackodile Tears

This Mrs. Daffy is only called "Honeybunch," presumably a term of endearment, and is voiced by June Foray. She orders Daffy to sit on their egg for a while. She is bossy and violent from the start. We see her grasp Daffy by the neck until his face turns blue, but most of her violence occurs offscreen, including slapping his silly face clean off his head, though his face flops back into the picture.




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