Queen Tyr'ahnee
Queen Tyr'ahnee
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Television programs Duck Dodgers
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Portrayed by
Voice Tia Carrere
Performance model
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Character information
Full name Queen Tyr'ahnee
Other names Queen
Occupation Queen of Mars
Alignment Bad / Neutral
Home Mars
Powers and abilities

Queen Tyr'ahnee was the queen of Mars in the Duck Dodgers series and the loyal leader of the martian empire.

She had an on and off relationship with captain Duck Dodgers, saying that he is brave and heroic. She has clearly been shown to be in love with him several times, yet she has also been shown to hate him. However these times are often shown to be halfhearted and followed by positive remarks about him. At one point she made him her husband and king of mars but grew angry when he rejected the position (in fact it was because her commander had tricked Dodgers into thinking that the king had a grossly unpleasant duty that made him quit).

The Martian Commander X-2 would do anything for her, thinking Duck Dodgers is nothing compared to him. In the later seasons she and X-2 get together after her Kingdom was threatened by Z-9.


Tyr'ahnee was a female counterpart of Marvin Martian and wears outfits reminiscent of ancient Egyptian royal garb. She had white hair that reaches the middle of her back, Purple eyes, a magenta color marking on her nose. She wore a gold bikini top, gold bracers, gold necklace, purple shoes, and a purple skirt that has thigh high slits on both sides with a gold belt with a green jewel in the middle and wears a gold and purple band with a matching green jewel.


She was very skilled in combat, and ready to pilot many vehicles, proved by how she successfully kidnapped The Cadet, and how she "Kicks Ass" in trainings.

Her looks in the episodes "hypnotize" people who see her.


Her name is a play on the word "Tyranny", as the Martian society puts a lot of focus on its military, like dictators throughout the ages, which are commonly known to be tyrannical.


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