The Honey-Mousers Title Card
Title Card
The Honey-Mousers (1956 short)
Alternate/Working Title:
Series: Looney Tunes
Rings/Iris Center Colors:
Production No.: 1431
Reel No.: 2612
Blue Ribbon No.:
Starring The Honey-Mousers
Excerpted In:
Footage Reuse from:
Animation Reuse: The Apartment building background would be reused in Tweet Dreams.
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Uncredited Supervision
Uncredited Direction:
Directed by Robert McKimson
Uncredited Director
Written and Directed by
Uncredited Writer and Director
Uncredited Co-Director
Produced by
Uncredited Producer
Executive Producer
Uncredited Executive Producer
Produced and Directed by
Uncredited Producer and Director
Written, Produced and Directed by
Uncredited Writer, Producer and Director
Screenplay by
Uncredited Screenplay by
Story Tedd Pierce
Uncredited Story
Based on
Written by
Uncredited Writer
Edited by
Uncredited Editors
Supervising Animators
Uncredited Supervising Animators
Animation Ted Bonnicksen
George Grandpré
Keith Darling
Russ Dyson
Uncredited Animators
Assistant Animation
Uncredited Assistant Animation
Camera operator
Uncredited Camera operator
Uncredited Designs
Character Designs
Uncredited Character Designs
Layouts and Designs
Uncredited Layouts and Designs
Layouts Robert Gribbroek
Uncredited Layouts
Layout Assisstants
Uncredited Layout Assisstants
Backgrounds Richard H. Thomas
Uncredited Backgrounds
Layouts and Backgrounds
Uncredited Layouts and Backgrounds
Backgrounds and Layouts
Uncredited Backgrounds and Layouts
Effects Animation
Uncredited Effects Animator
Sound effects
Uncredited Sound effects
Film Editor Irvin Jay
Uncredited Film Editor
Voice Characterizations
Uncredited Voice Characterizations Daws Butler
June Foray
Vocal Effects
Uncredited Vocal Effects
Uncredited Narrator
Music Milt Franklyn
Uncredited Music
Musical Direction
Uncredited Musical Director
Musical Score
Uncredited Musical Score
Piano Soloist
Uncredited Piano Soloist
Musical Lyrics for
Uncredited Orchestration
MPAA No.: 17990
Uncredited Cinematography
Production company(s)
Release date(s): December 8, 1956
Blue Ribbon Re-Release date(s):
Running time
Color process
Preceded by "Two Crows From Tacos"
Followed by "To Hare Is Human"
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The Honey-Mousers is a 1956 Looney Tunes short directed by Robert McKimson.


The title and the short itself are a play on The Honeymooners.


There's been no food in the house since the people moved out, so the mice, Ralph Crumden and his friend Ned Morton, are happy when a new family moves in and brings groceries. They try to steal food from the kitchen, but are surprised to find it guarded by an orange cat.

They build a "Trojan dog" from a barrel and operate it from inside. They walk it over to the refrigerator, but while they are busy loading it up with food, the cat climbs inside of it and waits. When they get back inside, the cat attacks, the "dog" is splintered, and Ralph and Ed barely make it back to their mousehole alive. Ralph's wife Alice asks why they don't just get rid of the cat. Ralph says if she thinks it's so simple, then she should just do it herself, so she does.


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