It begins with the narrator narrating about Master Wu. When Wu gets to the end of his presentation, a chicken interrupts it. Wu takes the chicken out of the dojo and tries again, although it happens again. After several attempts, he fights the chicken, but afterwards, the chicken throws Wu out of the dojo, causing him to crash through the Warner Bros. logo shown in the beginning. The chicken then feels guilty and modifies the title. It ends with Wu striking a fight pose with the chicken, then kicks the chicken out, which knocks the "S" off the modified title "The Masters".


  • Jackie Chan as Master Wu
  • Abbi Jacobson as Chicken
  • Justin Theroux as Narrator


  • This is the first The Lego Movie short to be rated G by the MPAA, unlike The Lego Movie film which was rated PG.
  • This is the first Warner Animation Group's theatrical short film.

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