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Tiny Toon Adventures is an American animated television series created by Warner Bros. Animation and Amblin Entertainment. It aired for three seasons between 1990 and 1992, accounting for a total of 98. Most episodes are either divided into three seven-minute segments with wraparounds before each segment, or a single segment of approximately 22 minutes; eight episodes use a "two shorts" format. Besides the 98 episodes, it also aired two specials: "Tiny Toon Spring Break" and "Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery." A direct-to-video release, the two-hour Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation also aired in four parts as part of the show's episode package.

Season 1 (1990-1991)Edit

# Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date Production Code Network
1 The Looney Beginning Glen Kennedy, Dave Marshall, Ken Boyer, Rich Arons Paul Dini, Sherri Stoner September 14, 1990 KC/W-148 Syndication
2 A Quack in the Quarks Art Vitello Tom Minton September 17, 1990 A-140 Syndication
3 The Wheel O' Comedy Art Vitello Paul Dini, Tom Minton, Gordon Bressack, & Charles Howell September 18, 1990 TMS-11 Syndication
4 Test Stressed Rich Arons Jim Reardon, Stephen Langford, Paul Dini, & Sherri Stoner September 19, 1990 TMS-122 Syndication
5 The Buster Bunny Bunch Art Leonardi Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV, Len Jansen, & Sherri Stoner September 20, 1990 TMS-119 Syndication
6 Her Wacky Highness Ken Boyer Sherri Stoner September 21, 1990 TMS-108 Syndication
7 Hollywood Plucky Art Vitello Sherri Stoner September 22, 1990 TMS-125 Syndication
8 Journey To The Center of Acme Acres Art Leonardi Wayne Kaatz September 24, 1990 TMS-138 Syndication
9 It's Buster Bunny Time Art Leonardi Dale Hale, Rowby Goren, Jim Reardon, Paul Dini, Don Dougherty, Tom Ruegger September 25, 1990 TMS-131 Syndication
10 Stuff That Goes Bump In The Night Art Leonardi Pamela Hickey, Dennys McCoy, Richard Mueller, Pat Allee, Ben Hurst, Tom Ruegger September 26, 1990 A-127 Syndication
11 Looking Out For The Little Guy Art Vitello Nicholas Hollander, Jim Reardon, Pat Allee, Ben Hurst, Tom Ruegger September 27, 1990 W-133 Syndication
12 Starting From Scratch Ken Boyer Wayne Kaatz, Tom Ruegger September 28, 1990 W-132 Syndication
13 Hare Raising Night Art Vitello Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV October 1, 1990 W-117 Syndication
14 Furrball Follies Art Vitello Tom Minton, Sherri Stoner, Eddie Fitzgerald October 2, 1990 A-105 Syndication
15 The Acme Acres Zone Ken Boyer Michael Reaves, Wayne Kaatz, Sherri Stoner, Tom Minton October 3, 1990 W-128 Syndication
16 Life in the 90's Rich Arons Paul Dini, Bob Carrau, Jim Reardon, Sherri Stoner, Tom Ruegger October 4, 1990 A-126 Syndication
17 Rock 'N' Roar Art Vitello Sheryl Scarborough, Jim Reardon, Kayte Kuch October 5, 1990 W-109 Syndication
18 Prom-ise Her Anything Ken Boyer Paul Dini, Bob Carrau October 8, 1990 W-124 Syndication
19 Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow Ken Boyer, Eddie Fitzgerald Wayne Kaatz, Tom Ruegger, Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV October 9, 1990 KC-101 Syndication
20 Cinemaniacs! Art Vitello, Ken Boyer Sherri Stoner, Tom Minton, Wayne Kaatz, Jim Reardon October 10, 1990 A-102 Syndication
21 You Asked For it Art Vitello, Art Leonardi, Eddie Fitzgerald Sherri Stoner, Tom Minton, Wayne Kaatz, Eddie Fitzgerald October 11, 1990 W-104 Syndication
22 Gang Busters Ken Boyer Wayne Kaatz, Jim Reardon October 12, 1990 KC-112 Syndication
23 Citizen Max Art Vitello Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV, Paul Dini, Tom Ruegger October 15, 1990 W-121 Syndication
24 Wake Up Call of the Wild Rich Arons Tom Minton, Pat Allee, Ben Hurst, Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV October 17, 1990 W-130 Syndication
25 Buster and the Wolverine Art Leonardi Tom Ruegger, Paul Dini October 19, 1990 KC-107 Syndication
26 You Asked For It, Part 2 Art Leonardi Len Janson, Pamela Hickey, Dennys McCoy, Dale Hale October 22, 1990 KC-123 Syndication
27 Europe In 30 Minutes Art Leonardi Stephen Hibbert October 26, 1990 W-142 Syndication
28 The Wacko World of Sports Kent Butterworth Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV, Chuck Menville, Grant Moran, Tom Ruegger October 30, 1990 A-136 Syndication
29 Rainy Daze Art Leonardi Jim Reardon, Paul Dini, Barry Caldwell, Wayne Kaatz, Chris Otsuki November 1, 1990 FC-115 Syndication
30 Fields of Honey Ken Boyer Sherri Stoner, Tom Ruegger November 2, 1990 KC-116 Syndication
31 Sawdust and Toonsil Rich Arons Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV November 5, 1990 W-137 Syndication
32 Spring in Acme Acres Kent Butterworth, Eddie Fitzgerald Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV, Eddie Fitzgerald, Chuck Menville November 6, 1990 W-135 Syndication
33 Psychic Fun-Omenon Day Art Leonardi Jim Reardon, Earl Kress, Tom Ruegger November 7, 1990 W-152 Syndication
34 The Wide World of Elmyra Kent Butterworth Earl Kress, Tom Ruegger, Tom Minton, Paul Dini, Beth Bornstein, Bob Carrau November 8, 1990 TMS-149 Syndication
35 A Ditch in Time Art Vitello Wayne Kaatz, Art Vitello, Bruce Timm, Douglas McCarthy November 9, 1990 TMS-155 Syndication
36 Animaniacs! Art Vitello Paul Dini, Tom Minton November 12, 1990 A-145 Syndication
37 Career Oppor-Toon-ities Art Leonardi Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV, David Cohen, Roger S. Schulman, Sherri Stoner November 13, 1990 W-111 Syndication
38 Strange Tales of Weird Science Eddie Fitzgerald, Art Leonardi (credited as Alan Smithee) Eddie Fitzgerald, Earl Kress Tom Minton November 14, 1990 E-103 Syndication
39 Inside Plucky Duck Art Vitello Paul Dini, Buzz Dixon, Bruce Timm, Art Vitello November 15, 1990 KC-129 Syndication
40 The Acme Bowl Ken Boyer Stephen Langford, Debra Blanchard, Tom Ruegger, Paul Dini November 16, 1990 KC-120 Syndication
41 Dating, Acme Acres Style Gerard Baldwin, Ken Boyer, Rich Arons Tom Ruegger, Sherri Stoner, Paul Dini November 19, 1990 W-114 Syndication
42 Looniversity Daze Gerard Baldwin Paul Dini, Eddie Fitzgerald, Jim Reardon, Stephen Langford November 20, 1990 E-110 Syndication
43 Best O' Plucky Duck Day Rich Arons Beth Bornstein, Paul Dini, Eddie Fitzgerald, Tom Minton, Tom Ruegger November 21, 1990 KC-118 Syndication
44 Hero Hamton Gerard Baldwin Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV November 23, 1990 E-106 Syndication
45 Whale's Tales Kent Butterworth Nicholas Hollander November 26, 1990 A-154 Syndication
46 Ask Mr. Popular Rich Arons Paul Dini, Therese Naugle December 5, 1990 2-141 Syndication
47 Son of Looniversity Daze Gerard Baldwin Tom Minton, Buzz Dixon December 7, 1990 KC-134 Syndication
48 Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool Art Vitello Gordon Bressack, Jim Reardon, Charles M. Howell IV December 10, 1990 W-160 Syndication
49 Fairy Tales for the 90's Ken Boyer Tom Ruegger, Tom Minton, Gordon Bressack, Jim Reardon December 12, 1990 W-143 Syndication
50 Who Bopped Bugs Bunny? Kent Butterworth Paul Dini, Earl Kress, Sherri Stoner December 14, 1990 KC-144 Syndication
51 Tiny Toon Music Television Art Vitello Sherri Stoner, Paul Dini, Tom Minton, Art Vitello, Bruce Timm, Douglas McCarthy February 1, 1991 TMS-163 Syndication
52 The Return To Acme Acres Zone Kent Butterworth Wayne Kaatz, Kent Zbornak, Tom Minton, Mike Kazaleh, Maurice Noble February 4, 1991 W-159 Syndication
53 The Acme Home Shopping Show Eddie Fitzgerald, Rich Arons Sherri Stoner, Paul Dini February 6, 1991 KC-161 Syndication
54 Weirdest Stories Ever Told Art Leonardi Gordon Kent, Paul Dini February 8, 1991 A-157 Syndication
55 Viewer Mail Day Art Leonardi Paul Dini, Arleen Sorkin, Beth Milstein, Tom Minton, Wayne Kaatz February 11, 1991 W-162 Syndication
56 Son of the Wacko World of Sports Rich Arons Jim Reardon, Grant Moran, Tom Minton, Tom Ruegger, Earl Kress February 12, 1991 KC-156 Syndication
57 Pollution Solution Ken Boyer Sherri Stoner, M.D. Sweeney, Jim Reardon February 14, 1991 KC-139 Syndication
58 You Asked for It Again Ken Boyer Tom Minton, Nicholas Hollander February 15, 1991 KC-153 Syndication
59 Brave Tales of Real Rabbits Rich Arons Eddie Fitzgerald, Earl Kress, Tom Minton, Jim Reardon February 18, 1991 FC-151 Syndication
60 How Sweetie It Is Ken Boyer, Art Leonardi Sherri Stoner, Nicholas Hollander, Paul Dini February 19, 1991 KC-158 Syndication
61 New Character Day Ken Boyer, Eddie Fitzgerald Sherri Stoner, Eddie Fitzgerald February 20, 1991 W-164 Syndication
62 Here's Hamton Rich Arons Tom Minton, Tom Ruegger, Jim Reardon, Grant Moran February 21, 1991 W-146 Syndication
63 No Toon is an Island Art Leonardi Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV February 25, 1991 W-147 Syndication
64 K-ACME TV Kent Butterworth, Art Leonardi, Ken Boyer Paul Dini, Sherri Stoner, Tom Ruegger February 26, 1991 W-165 Syndication
65 High Toon Glen Kennedy Chuck Menville March 29, 1991 KC-150 Syndication

Season 2 (1991-1992)Edit

# Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date Production Code Network
66 Pledge Week Barry Caldwell, Norm McCabe, Kent Butterworth Sherri Stoner, Paul Dini, Chris Otsuki, Nicholas Hollander September 16, 1991 A-168 Syndication
67 Going Places Rich Arons, Eddie Fitzgerald Earl Kress, Nicholas Hollander, Gordon Bressack September 17, 1991 W-167 Syndication
68 Elephant Issues Byron Vaughns, Ken Boyer Sherri Stoner, Stephen Hibbert, Mark Saraceni, Wayne Kaatz, Nicholas Hollander September 18, 1991 A-169 Syndication
69 Hog Wild Hamton Rich Arons Paul Dini, Bob Carrau September 19, 1991 A-171 Syndication
70 Playtime Toons Art Leonardi, Byron Vaughns Nicholas Hollander, Paul Dini, Sherri Stoner, Charles M. Howell IV September 20, 1991 A-166 Syndication
71 Toon Physics Art Leonardi Tom Ruegger, Nicholas Hollander, Dale Hale, Chris Otsuki November 4, 1991 A-170 Syndication
72 Acme Cable TV Alfred Gimeno, David West (co-director) Paul Dini, Nicholas Hollander, Tom Ruegger, Peter Hastings November 11, 1991 TMS-179 Syndication
73 Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian Art Leonardi Renee Carter, Sarah Creef, Amy Crosby November 18, 1991 TMS-173 Syndication
74 Henny Youngman Day Jon McClenahan Sherri Stoner, Tom Ruegger, Nicholas Hollander, Kevin Frank November 22, 1991 ST-174 Syndication
75 Love Disconnection Byron Vaughns Paul Dini, Arleen Sorkin, Beth Milstein November 25, 1991 TMS-172 Syndication
76 Kon Ducki Rich Arons Sherri Stoner, Peter Hastings, Stephen Hibbert February 3, 1992 TMS-184 Syndication
77 Sepulveda Bulevard Byron Vaughns Deanna Oliver February 17, 1992 A-185 Syndication
78 Take Elmyra Please Ken Boyer Nicholas Hollander, M.D. Sweeney, John McCann February 24, 1992 TMS-177 Syndication

Season 3 (1992)Edit

# Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date Production Code Network
79 Thirteensomething Jon McClenahan Sherri Stoner September 14, 1992 ST-178 Fox Kids
80 New Class Day Byron Vaughns Paul Dini, Sherri Stoner September 15, 1992 W-181 Fox Kids
81 Fox Trot Ken Boyer Peter Hastings, Deanna Oliver, Tom Ruegger September 16, 1992 A-190 Fox Kids
82 What Makes Toon Tick Byron Vaughns Dale Hale, Tom Ruegger, Nicholas Hollander, Beth Bornstein, Paul Dini September 17, 1992 TMS-189 Fox Kids
83 Flea For Your Life Ken Boyer, Tony Craig Wayne Kaatz September 18, 1992 W-186 Fox Kids
84 The Return of Batduck Rich Arons Peter Hastings September 19, 1992 TMS-097 Fox Kids
85 Toons Take Over Byron Vaughns Peter Hastings September 21, 1992 FC-193 Fox Kids
86 Toons From the Crypt Ken Boyer Nicholas Hollander, Paul Dini September 22, 1992 A-182 Fox Kids
87 Two-Tone Town Ken Boyer Deanna Oliver September 28, 1992 TMS-194 Fox Kids
88 Buster's Directorial Debut Rich Arons Sherri Stoner, Nicholas Hollander, Peter Hastings November 2, 1992 W-192 Fox Kids
89 Washingtoon Alfred Gimeno, David West (co-director) Nicholas Hollander November 4, 1992 A-195 Fox Kids
90 Toon TV Rich Arons Rich Arons, Sherri Stoner, Peter Hastings November 9, 1992 W-180 Fox Kids
91 Grandma's Dead Alfred Gimeno, David West (co-director) Deanna Oliver November 10, 1992 A-187 Fox Kids
92 Music Day Alfred Gimeno, David West (co-director) Sherri Stoner, Chris Otsuki, Tom Ruegger, Paul Dini November 11, 1992 TMS-191 Fox Kids
93 The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain Greg Reyna Paul Dini November 12, 1992 W-196 Fox Kids
94 Sport Shorts Alfred Gimeno, David West (co-director) Tom Ruegger, Peter Hastings November 13, 1992 A-183 Fox Kids
95 Weekday Afternoon Live Rich Arons Peter Hastings, Deanna Oliver, Paul Dini November 16, 1992 223 Fox Kids
96 A Cat's Eye View Byron Vaughns Paul Dini, George McGrath, Nicholas Hollander, Sherri Stoner November 17, 1992 211 Fox Kids
97 Best of Buster Day Rich Arons Charlie Adler, Garin Wolf, Paul Dini November 23, 1992 210 Fox Kids
98 It's a Wonderful Tiny Toon Christmas Special Jon McClenahan Sherri Stoner, Deanna Oliver December 6, 1992 232 Fox Kids

Specials (1994)Edit

No. In Series Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date Production Code Network
99 Tiny Toon Spring Break Rich Arons, Michael Gerard, Dave Marshall Peter Hastings, Nicholas Hollander, Tom Ruegger March 27, 1994 W-194 Fox Kids
100 Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery Michael Gerard, Rusty Mills, Rich Arons, Greg Reyna Peter Hastings, Paul Dini, Paul Rugg, Rich Arons May 28, 1994 TMS-193 Fox Kids

Movie (1992)Edit

Title Directed By Written By Release Date Production Code
How I Spent My Vacation Rich Arons, Byron Vaughns, Alfred Gimeno, Barry Caldwell, Ken Boyer, Art Leonardi, Kent Butterworth Paul Dini, Nicholas Hollander, Tom Ruegger, Sherri Stoner March 11, 1992 TMS-100

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